Idaho Property Tax | HB 389

Codi Galloway: Hello. I want to talk to you today about two things that are happening down at the House, budget and education, both big

Idaho’s Education Budget

The Idaho Legislature is hard at work. Taking a quick break to keep you updated, Codi Galloway discusses bills that determine Idaho’s budget for education.

Tax Relief-House Bill 332

Codi Galloway: Good morning, I’m here today to talk to you about tax relief, which is always an exciting topic. We have great news in

Transportation Legislation

Hello, District 15. It’s Codi Galloway and I’m here today to talk to you about transportation. I have the chairman of the Transportation Committee,

Our Children Need to be in School

I’m Representative Codi Galloway and I’m speaking for the children who have gone unheard in the current school shutdown. Children need to be back in school full-time, in-person for three main reasons.

Keeping Promises for Idaho Property Tax

We have to solve the rapidly rising property taxes in Boise. House Bill 1075 and Senate Bill 1108 are two steps in the right direction. Look for additional bills in the next couple of weeks that will continue to work in concert with 1075 and 1108 to reduce your property taxes.

Staying Safe and Free in Idaho

It’s Codi Galloway and I’m here today to talk to you about something important I’m getting a lot of email on. The emergency declaration. I’m