getting along and getting property tax done

Hi, everyone. It’s Codi Galloway and I’m talking to you from the Idaho State Capitol and I have good news today. I think, oftentimes, you see in the news how politicians are fighting, or arguing, or disagreeing, and I want to share with you how often we actually agree which is maybe a surprise to you.

These are 21 bills that went to the House Floor last week here at the capital, and there are 70 people that get to vote on these every time. If you look at the numbers here, this is how many people voted in favor. 69, 69, 69, 69, 69, 70, a lot of those times, people are absent. The message I have for you is that a lot of times, we agree on how to do things and how to make life good for you here in Idaho.

Occasionally, things get tricky, we had a 46 over here but that’s our only low number out of 21 votes. The majority of your representatives are working together to make things better here in Idaho.

Now, second good news is I’m going to point out two different bills, Senate Bill 1021 and House Bill 73. Those you’ll see more in the next upcoming weeks and they are to help reduce your property taxes which I know is a big deal for everyone in District 15.

This one helps new construction pay for itself a little bit more, and this one has to deal with transparency and making sure that we know where our money’s going and how we’re budgeting correctly. Thank you for listening to me today. Look forward to hearing more about property taxes next week.

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