transportation legislation

Codi: Hello, District 15. It’s Codi Galloway and I’m here today to talk to you about transportation. I have the chairman of the Transportation Committee, Joe Palmer, and he’s going to give you an update on what we’re doing to work on roads and bridges.

Joe Palmer: Thanks for the opportunity, Codi. One of the most important things to me is infrastructure and the fact that we have had such a great economy over the last few years gives us a good opportunity to make growth pay for itself with our infrastructure. We’re moving forward bills right now that will take some of the general fund money and move it into paying for the roads, which is dire straits that we need to do right now.

Codi: Awesome, thank you. If you want to look at more details, that’s House Bill 314, it’s making its way through the house that’s going to help keep our roads in great condition and make some difference on our transportation needs. Thank you. Have a great day.

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