keeping promises for idaho property tax

Codi Galloway: When I asked for your support when I was campaigning I made three promises to you that I’d work on property tax, education, and creating a business-friendly environment. Today, I’m here to deliver on that promise and talk to you about what I’m doing on property tax.

Actually, yesterday on the House floor we voted for House Bill 1075, which provides more transparency in local government. It’s a great bill. It doesn’t tell any city or county how much they can spend or how much they can budget. It has nothing to do with that. It just says that they have to provide the information of what they’ve spent in a transparent way. That is coming over to the Senate now because it has already passed the House.

The second one is working its way through the Senate right now. That is 1108, which is also a property tax bill. What it does is it changes the formula so that property taxes can’t grow at such a high rate. It does that through altering some of the formula that has to do with new construction that allows growth to pay a little bit more for itself. That’s also good news happening on the Senate side.

Those are the only two that have started that have bill numbers. There are a few others that I’m hearing about that do not have a bill number yet, but we’re still working on it. One is a specific bill that will help our elderly and more seasoned population to be able to stay in their homes. It’s got a very narrow focus to that specific demographic. Then the other one is I heard just this morning that there’s someone who’s working on homeowner exemption and getting that raised to help just the general population.

I wanted you to know we’re working on property tax and make you a promise that I will stick through this property tax as we muddle through and get all the way through the end of the session to make sure that we get you some relief by the end of the session. That’s it.

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