A week before Christmas I answered a door to find a young gentleman who was promoting his painting business. Like most, my first thought when opening the door to a salesman was how to say no politely and quickly so I could back to the dinner on the stove.  But as he left into the dark cold night and I went back to the spaghetti I remembered back to my days as a young business owner. I remembered that when there was no work to do, my husband and I strapped on the rollerblades and went door-to-door to deliver our business flyers. So, I put down the spoon, stepped back onto the porch, and called for Matthew to come back. He gave me an estimate and then went on his way. 

After Christmas, I hired him to paint my house; he did a great job. The painting was perfect but more impressive was that this young man worked long days, practiced his craft with precision, and was professional in every way. He lives in the best state around where he has ample opportunity to make his success. He is not squandering the opportunity by playing video games in the basement, rather he is making good things happen by doing door-to-door sales and then floor-to-ceiling painting.  He inspires me. The American Dream is alive and well right here in Boise Idaho.  A very big shoutout to Matthew Bowler and his small business, Color Dreams Painting. If you are looking for a painter, give him a call.  You will not be disappointed.

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