Seeing a doctor has become more of hassle that it was event twenty years ago.  The cost of healthcare, time to get an appointment, and frustration have all increased dramatically. Dori Healey (APRN- CNS) and her small business, Idaho Outreach, are making a change. Idaho Outreach is making a difference by making healthcare customer-friendly again, one house call at a time. Advanced Practice Nurse Dori comes to your home to treat everything from strep throat to medication management. Idaho Outreach adopts a holistic approach to healthcare. It offers a distinctive opportunity to merge clinical diagnostics for various complex and common conditions with a personalized, compassionate approach to medicine.

Dori Healey

Recently, Dori made a house call to treat my son’s fever and cold. She was able to do a strep test while my son sat on our living room couch. The test was positive, and Dori immediately sent a prescription to our pharmacy. The experience was so comfortable compared to the traditional approach where you -have to drive to the doctor, trade germs with other sick people at the doc-in-the-box, and then wait forever for a 2-minute visit from the doctor. It was so pleasant to have Dori come to my house, diagnose, teach, and treat my son, all from the comfort of my living room. Even more impressive, the visit was less than $100, and Idaho Outreach bills insurance for your behalf.

I love supporting small businesses, and I highly recommend Idaho Outreach; visit Idaho Outreach’s website here.

Idaho outreach medicine

P.S.  If the name Dori Healey sounds familiar, it is because she is also an Idaho State Representative for West Boise and Meridian. Dori is a busy mom, a fantastic medical provider, and a public servant. Thank you, Dori, for living the American Dream!

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