did you know wonder woman is running for the idaho house?

Dear Voter,

Ok, so maybe she isn’t Wonder Woman but my mom is amazing and she is running for Idaho Representative in the upcoming election. Her name is Codi Galloway and I think she’ll make an awesome Idaho lawmaker. I’m writing this letter to give you some good reasons you should vote for her.

My Mom Loves School — She was a Teacher

Before I was born my mom taught elementary school. she taught 2nd grade and 6th grade in the public school>system. Sometimes I wish she hadn’t had all that practice at being a teacher because she took homework VERY seriously. But she wasn’t afraid to work too. In fact, she made sure all of us kids were great readers before we went to kindergarten. When I was younger, I’ll be honest, I wish she didn’t have all those easy readers in the closet. But once I got to school and realized she had given me a real head start, I began to appreciate her dedication to making sure we learned. The cool thing about my mom is she wants everyone to have the same opportunity to have a great education. In fact, that’s one of the reasons she is running. She knows education is key to success for families.

Super Hard Worker!

My mom is one of the hardest workers you have ever met. Her regular waking up time is somewhere between 4-5 am.  She says it is because she can’t wait to get up and exercise and then start working on her task lists. When she was working with my Dad in the family businesses, she would work from 4-8 am and then be available to take care of the kids—not that I needed much management because I’m the oldest. But she took very seriously making sure my siblings and I had a mom who was there. My mom made sure us kids know how to work as well. We have all had jobs from a very young age. She felt it was important to teach us you get what you deserve and earn in this life. Our government needs people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work—people who aren’t afraid of putting in the time it takes to get things right.

Good With Money and Business

My mom is a really good at business.  During my lifetime she has created, developed, and sold several small businesses to help our family make ends meet. She’s good at budgeting and understanding you can’t spend more than you earn. In fact, she has required all of the kids (except the four year old) to learn how to use Quicken to balance our checkbooks every month. My family has dinner together every night and my parents love to talk about business. Some things I have learned at the dinner table concerning business and the economy:

·   Raising taxes is hard on families—especially property tax.

·   Small business is key to a good economy.

·   Government should be limited.

·   People should take care of each other.

She Loves America

From a very young age, I learned how important and special America is. My mom is very big into patriotic things and she loves America. I think that stems to when she was a little girl, her dad was a fighter pilot in the Idaho Air National Guard. She grew up going to air shows, parades, and talking about the important freedoms we enjoy in America and how awesome our Military is.

We Were Taught America is a Special Place in the World

Nearly every night of my life at the dinner table I have been reminded by my mom during the dinner prayer how grateful and thankful we are to live in America. For her America is a special land set apart by God to be a shining light to the world. We are one of those families that believes America is good and we are proud to be Americans.

She Loves Idaho

Not only does my mom love America, she loves Idaho. When I was little I was scared of Harrycanes and Alleygators (hurricanes and Alligators). My mom would reinforce to me every night that we were grateful to live in Idaho because there were no harrycanes or alleygators in Idaho. She has lived in Idaho since the age of four and she absolutely loves it here. Both my parents went to Centennial High School. They both want us kids to want to stay here too. My mom is running to help keep Idaho the great place it is so that my siblings and I will choose to come back to Boise after college.

Be a Good Person…because Mom Said So

My mom has taken an active role in making sure her kids understand some core lessons about being a good person. Here are some of the lessons I have learned from my mom

· Respect the law, obey the police. She has been very clear about what happens when you don’t obey the police—We have family members who have served as policeman and we are grateful for their service.

·   Judge others based on the content of their character, not the skin color or any other superficial title.

·   Don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t take things that aren’t yours.

·   Be nice to others, especially your siblings.

·   Be respectful to your teachers.

·   Stick to your principles, even when it’s not popular.

·   Read good books.

· Serve others.

To sum it up my mom taught me it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.  She is an awesome mom and I think she’ll make an awesome Representative for Idaho.  She cares about education, the economy, and keeping taxes low.  I hope you vote for her.


Palmer Galloway

P.S. If you couldn’t tell it from the hints above in my letter, my mom is a Republican.

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