vaccine mandates
Codi at her business in downtown Boise

I’m an American business owner and a Capitalist.  My Dad was a fighter pilot and I grew up attending air shows and parades with American flags waving in the background.  I love apple pie, football, and of course, capitalism.  America and it’s unique understanding of capitalism (government get out of the way and let businesses do their thing) has brought energy, travel, technology, healthcare, and food to much of the world lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty.  Capitalism is simple.  Let individuals start businesses, run them how they want, and in the process of trading goods and services everybody ends up with more.  It’s magical; capitalism is a winning formula.

I’m also pro vaccine. These miracle vaccines, thanks in large part to operation Warp Speed have saved millions of at-risk individuals from serious illness and death.  And importantly, vaccinations have enabled employees to feel safe to re-enter the workforce so our economy can rebound and get back on its feet.  Unlike the flu of 1918 where the world suffered 50 million deaths, modern medical technology has enabled us to cut that number by 10 times.  I’m vaccinated myself. 

So why does it feel so wrong for employers to mandate vaccines for their employees?

Here are three reasons why I do not support employer-forced vaccine mandates.

First of all my medical history is none of your business, end of story.  At my construction company in Boise, I am not allowed to ask employees or potential job candidates questions about their health—it’s illegal and I could get sued for discrimination.  So why is it suddenly ok with Covid?  Actually, it’s not.  This is why the Biden administration failed miserably trying to hustle the business vaccine mandate through OSHA.  They knew it was illegal in the first place and so they had to try to sneak it in through the back door.  Thank goodness for a 6-3 decision by the Supreme Court.

Second, capitalism is amazing but it doesn’t give business owners the right to do anything they want with their employees.  We don’t live in 19th century Britain where factory owners legally employed children in hazardous sweat shops and paid them pennies a day.  We live in a modern republic where the rights of the individual are balanced against the desires of business owners.  If we allow companies to mandate health procedures for employees, this sets us down a very dangerous path.   Today it’s the vaccine.  Tomorrow it’s birth control, anti-depressants, steroids, or any other chemical the “wizards of smart” decide is needed for a safe workplace.

Third.  Following the science used to mean we use studies, math, and logic to make informed decisions.  Today “following the science” has become a political bludgeon used to shame or beat the other side into seeing things a certain way.  One big example of us not following the science is ignoring natural immunity.  Over 100 million Americans have had Covid and now have natural immunity; there is simply nothing scientific about forcing these individuals to get a superfluous vaccine. To summarize, even if I love capitalism and think vaccinations are mostly good, I’m not willing to sacrifice freedom of choice, privacy, and scientific logic to the gods of Covid.  There will be several bills coming through the House this legislative session protecting individuals from employer-mandated vaccines, and I am looking forward to voting YES.

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