Improving education without spending more

Hi everyone. It’s Codi Galloway, and I’m here today to talk to you about education. I am an elementary school teacher, I’m a mother of four, and I owned a career technical education school so I had a lot of practice being in the education world.

I think we can improve our education and it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to spend more money in taxes on our education. I’m going to give you three ways that I think we can enhance our education and raise our students’ abilities without spending a penny.

  1. We’ve got to include parents and families a lot more in their education.
  2. We’ve got to involve businesses and the community through apprenticeships and internships. I’ve done this. I did it in my small business. We hired interns, they learned a lot. It wasn’t a burden on the school, they walked away with jobs, I often hired them.
    Interns of apprenticeships are an awesome way to improve our education.
  3. Class size. As a second grade teacher, I worked in a school that had alternate schedules so that we had smaller class sizes. At some points in the day, I only had 12 students. I was able to really work one-on-one with those kids and get them reading and didn’t cost a penny, but just reduce the class sizes a bit.

I’m totally a big proponent of improving our education and enhancing that in Idaho, and if you too want to have more solutions that help us make sure our education is the best it can be for our kids, then please make sure you vote Codi Galloway on November 3rd.

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