Email From a democrat-raised voter

Good morning. Codi Galloway here. I want to talk to you about something I’m doing in my campaign.

I had my son write a letter to all of the voters in my district. Essentially, instead of sending a postcard, that’s red, white, and blue that says everything political that you want to throw right in the trash, I had him write a letter about me and about our family, and why I might make a good representative.

The letter was a hit. I’m getting tons of responses from people. I get cards in the mail, I get emails, I get text messages saying, “I’m going to vote for your mom, and this is why. Thanks for writing the letter.”

I wanted to just share a section of one that I got an email this morning. It says, “I was raised Democrat. My grandpa said R is for the rich and D is for the working class. That is not the case anymore. I’m just an average blue-collar woman. I work every day. I appreciate what I work for. Honest, decent person, ignorant to politics. I don’t know what made me open the mail or read the entire thing, but nice job, Palmer. Your mom stands for everything I do. Like most, you’re exactly right. This country’s future is at stake. Now, I know I will never live in a blue state again. I’m voting for your mom on your behalf and the youth of this country. Well done. Vote red.”

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