Common Sense for Idaho Government

Busines Owner and Former Elementary School Teacher runs for Idaho State Senate

Do you believe in a limited government, responsible leadership, and Idaho values?

We need more sensible and grounded Idaho State legislators

In 1776 Thomas Paine wrote a pre-independence war pamphlet titled Common Sense. The pamphlet, which at the time, was the most printed and distributed publication in American history, focused on facts and logic to present the case for independence from Britain.

I’m a former elementary school teacher and love of all things history. I like the idea of bringing common sense to conversations about politics. This is why I’m focusing on common sense principles in my campaign for Idaho senate.

Common sense principles like:

As a wife and mother of four children and a business owner, I use common sense every day to improve the lives and bottom line and the organizations I work with.

Do you believe government should be limited and fiscally responsible?

Do you believe leaders should be transparent and ethical?

Do you believe in cherished institutions like the family, our schools, and our military and police force?

Then join me, Common Sense Codi, in my campaign for Idaho State Senate in 2024.