Idaho Decision 2022

Your Choices: American Mother or Woke Activist

Codi Galloway -Republican Mother

Codi Galloway, Candidate for Idaho Senator -District 15

Hello Neighbor,

My name is Codi Galloway, and I am running for the Idaho State Senate in District 15. You have two very different candidates to choose from. This article will contract the difference between myself and my candidate, Democrat Rick Just. After reading this article if you feel I am a better fit to represent you in the Idaho Senate, I would appreciate your vote on November 8th.


Career and Experience

Rick Just

My opponent spent his entire professional career (29 Years) working as a bureaucrat in the government. 

Codi Galloway

Lifetime of Family, Business, and Enjoying the American Dream

In contrast to my opponent, I don’t have much government experience—two years to be exact.  You see, I’ve been busy spending the majority of my life enjoying the American Dream.  Which for me has involved raising a family and running profitable businesses.  If I were to put together a small resume of my relevant experience, I would include the following:

  • Public school teacher and CTE administrator, 13 years
  • Wife and mother of four children, 23 years
  • Business Owner, 20 years. I’ve created over 100 jobs in Idaho and have contributed to strengthening Idaho’s economy
  • Legislator, 2 years. I have served one term in the Idaho House of Representatives
Codi Galloway -American Dream

Here is My American Dream

Why did I get into politics?

You’ll notice the last bullet on the list is two years in the Idaho House.  I decided to get into politics because I noticed Boise becoming more and more liberal during my lifetime.  In fact, district 15 is the only district in Boise where you can still find a Republican.  Every other district in Boise is represented entirely by Democrats.

Summary of Career and Experience: My opponent is a 29 year government bureaucrat.  I am a mother, small business owner, and brand new to public service.

Political Beliefs

Rick Just

Woke Democrat Activist

He won’t say it on your doorstep. Heck, he doesn’t even have the guts to mention the word Democrat on his campaign website or campaign signs. But the truth is he is a Democrat activist—and he is proud of it. You don’t need to look for long on his social accounts to see evidence of his activism. If there is a woke rally to be a part of, you can bet he will be there holding signs and screaming right along with the most extreme in his party.

Rick Just -Woke Activist

Rick and some Idaho liberal elites at a recent LGBTQIA+ rally

Joe Biden Agenda Activated

We aren’t exactly sure at what point he turned from mainstream Democrat to leftist activist. It could be his three decades creating red tape in the government. Or perhaps he just blindly followed the party’s dark turn to the left during the past decade. But he has fully bought into the Biden agenda including the following:





  • Transgender surgeries for children
  • Spending our country into oblivion and creating crippling inflation that has increased the cost of living for every Idahoan
  • Open borders causing fentanyl, sex trafficking, and hordes of criminals and gangsters to pour into our country through our southern border. Fentanyl is killing more young adults in Idaho than Covid-19. In fact, it is the greatest leading cause of death in Americans aged 19-45.
  • High gas prices. My opponent fully supports high gas prices. As a long-time climate activist, he is thrilled about high prices at the pump. In fact, on his Facebook page brags frequently about his electric car and how much money he is saving. All you need to do to save money on gas is purchase an $80,000 electric car.
  • Student Loan forgiveness. Plumbers paying off the college debt for doctors is his version of “fair”
  • Porn in children libraries. My opponent loves to rant regarding this topic on his Facebook page.

Political Beliefs Cont

Codi Galloway

A Republican Mother for Idaho Families


Here are a few things I believe in:


  • Limited Government. As a conservative capitalist I believe people (not government) are the solution. Our government should provide a basic framework of infrastructure and laws; then get out of the way and let people pursue the American dream. The outrageous spending sprees pursued by the Democrat party have led to devastating inflation. My belief in a limited government extends to taxes and spending. Every dollar we earn is sacred and we as individuals know better to do with it than the government ever will.
  • Pro Education. I am an advocate for kids and parents. As a former public school teacher, I believe education is the key to opportunity for kids in Idaho.   I differ quite a bit in my approach to improving education from my opponent. His solution to improving education is to binge spend on whatever education unions ask for. My solution is to give families more options in education to do what is best for each individual child.
  • Pro Freedom. The Covid shutdowns across our country in 2020-2022 caused damage that will haunt us for a generation. No Idahoan should be told their business is not essential or that they can’t keep their job because they won’t take a government drug. I am pro freedom and against government shutdowns and mandates.
  • America First. I grew up as a daughter to an American fighter pilot and a granddaughter to the Sheriff in Ada County. I love Idaho and I love America. We need to do everything we can to protect our way of life for our children. This includes securing our southern border, supporting our police, and protecting our right to bear arms.
  • Families First. You have noticed my political signs around the district (like the image below) have the tagline “For Idaho Families”. Strong families build strong communities. Our government exists to support our families, not the other way around.
Codi Headshot 50% Size Cropped

Codi Galloway, Republican Mother for Idaho Families

Who Better Supports You?

American Mother or Woke Activist?

Who better represents you?

You have two very different choices for State Senator this year. Rick Just is a lifetime government bureaucrat and partisan activist. I am a family woman and business owner driven by faith and my love of country and this great state. Who do you think can better represent you and your family?

Vote Codi

If my message in this letter resonates, join me in voting to keep Idaho a great place to live, work, and play.


Codi Galloway



P.S.: Follow-up questions?  Feel free to call or text  208-614-CODI or email me.

P.P.S:   You may not know this, but in the last mid-term there were only 6 votes between the Democrat and Republican candidates.  It’s going to be close!  We need every vote to protect our home from what Boise is becoming.  Please vote on November 8th