Hi, I’m Codi Galloway. Every day, I hear people who are frustrated with the liberal agenda that’s pushing out of Boise and into their neighborhoods. If you’re frustrated like me, I have an answer for you. You can help. You can help in three ways.

One, vote on November 3rd. Super important.

Second, volunteer. I have a lot of opportunities for people to help, and there’s lots of things you can do. Everything from knocking doors, calling your neighbors, sticking stamps on envelopes. If you want to volunteer, jump on my website.

Third, if you happen to be in the category of people that has more money than time, please donate. Last election cycle, the Democrats in my neighborhood spent over $100,000 to defeat the Republican. It’s really important we raise enough money that we can get our message out to the people and that they understand they have a choice in politics this year.

I encourage you to vote, volunteer, and donate. On all three of those things, you can find information on my website at www.codi4idaho.com