Codi helped me run for Legislature the first time. She will be better than I’ve ever been in there and will do great things. It’s really important to get people in there that don’t just want the power. They’re business owners and it matters to them what happens.

She’s like that. She’s a business owner, she’s jumped through the hoops, she’s seen it, she’s seen family members jump through the hoops. She will do the right thing.

She’s important, important enough that we need all of you to make all the phone calls you can, to knock on the doors if that’s what she needs you to do, to get on Facebook if that’s what she needs you to do. All that stuff matters and especially the situation that our country’s in now.

We have the greatest country in the world and we’re in the greatest state in the world. Sorry about you guys from California, but you’ve been here now. People are flocking here because we have it so good. We need to keep it that way. There’s things in the Legislature we can do that make a huge difference and Codi can do those. Thanks.