Hi, it’s Codi Galloway. I’m here today to answer one of the questions that I get all of the time. Should we open our schools?

My answer is a resounding yes! We have to open our schools. As a former public school teacher and a mother of four kids, I know the value and impact a great education has on the entire community. We cannot let a pandemic stand in the way of educating our kids.

Now, as to how the schools open, I would like to propose that we have options and that options are given to the teachers, to the parents, and to the students.

If they want to choose an at-home option and do virtual learning, they should absolutely have that, hands down.

If the parents, teachers, and students want an in-person learning, they should absolutely have that choice as well.

Choices are the key to America and individual responsibility, and individual options make our nation great. I know that education is important and we can’t let a pandemic get in the way. We need to find a way around, and it has to be a way that works for all families, not just some families.