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Idaho education budget

Idaho Education Budget

The Idaho Legislature is hard at work. Taking a quick break to keep you updated, Codi Galloway discusses bills that determine Idaho’s budget for education.

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Codi Galloway on property tax

Keeping Promises for Idaho Property Tax

We have to solve the rapidly rising property taxes in Boise. House Bill 1075 and Senate Bill 1108 are two steps in the right direction. Look for additional bills in the next couple of weeks that will continue to work in concert with 1075 and 1108 to reduce your property taxes.

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The Second Amendment

I’m going to answer a question that I get on the doorsteps often is, and it’s usually from hunters and gentlemen, and they’ll say, “Cody,

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Codi Galloway for Idaho House

Date Night Door Knocking

Door Knocking for Date Night Scott: We went door knocking and had a very fun time talking to Republicans and unaffiliateds and Democrats and everything.

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