The other day, I came home from door-knocking, and my daughter, Ellie said, “Mom, why are you doing this?”

I could tell she was just feeling bad for me because she could tell it had been a long, hard day. But I had to sit down with her and explained to her that this is the most important thing I can be doing right now for our country.

When our country is full of uncertainty and unrest, the answer is in conservative values and responsible government and limited government.

I had to explain to her that when I was growing up, Idaho looked a lot more like that and our city Boise looked a lot more conservative, but as time has gone on, we’ve shifted to the left and there’s a liberal mentality that’s taking over our city.

Right now, 14 out of the 15 House of Representative members and Senate members in Boise are Democrats. 14 out of 15!

We don’t have Republican representation here on Boise anymore. It’s infringing on our freedoms and it’s making Boise a place that is not the place that I grew up in and it’s not the place I want her to be able to raise her family in.

I’m stepping forward in this campaign and I’m willing to put the work and the energy and effort in so that we can keep Idaho conservative.