Codi Galloway: Good morning, I am back at the Capitol. After a two-week recess, I’m happy to be back to work. I’m going to answer three questions that I’m getting a lot.

The first question is did you have COVID? The answer is no, I did not get COVID. I did have a close exposure to someone who did test positive, and so in an abundance of caution, I did stay home for two days while I made sure I did not have COVID. I’m safe, and well, and back to work.

The second question I get a lot is what work do you still have to do? We still have a pretty long list, we think we can get it done in two to three weeks. It includes things like a transportation bill that significantly increases the funding for transportation, income tax relief, property tax, we’ve got appropriations bills, so we’ve still got some work that we need to finish up this session. I think we can do it in the next two or three weeks.

The last question I get all the time is what is your priority? My priority is the same, and it was the same in the campaign. It’s been the same during session, and it’ll continue to be the priority of the last two weeks, and that is property tax relief. We’ve gotten some bills through that are good and we’re about halfway there, we’ve got a few more things that need to happen on property tax to be able to really say that we accomplished that goal.

I’m going to get back to work on that and I will talk to you next week.

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