I just got back from a bike ride with my friend Amber and we were talking as we were riding. She said, “Codi, how’s the election going? Isn’t it hard to run against a moderate in this district?”

I said, “Amber, what do you mean ‘moderate’?”

She’s like, “Yes, yes, you’re running against someone who’s super moderate.” I said, “Where did you get that idea?” She said, “I looked at his Facebook and he says how he doesn’t like to choose a side, and how he really wants to get along with everyone, and he doesn’t believe in parties.”

I’m like, “Amber, you can’t just look at his Facebook, you have to look at his voting record. That’s where we really learned about where someone stands.”

I said, “So, Amber if he was really moderate, would you assume that he’d vote 50% with the majority leader, 50% with the minority leader?”

he’s like, “Yes, yes, that’s reasonable, that sounds like a moderate to me.” I said, “Okay, well that’s not how he’s voting. He’s voting with the Democrats 94% of the time.”

He may say he’s moderate, he may avoid putting the Democrat symbol on his posters and on his flyers, but when he gets to the Capitol building he’s voting as a Democrat, with the Democrats every single time. Well, 94% of the time.

So, don’t let him fool you. It’s not a moderate candidate, it’s a Democrat candidate in district 15.