HJr-1 calling the legislature into session

Hi, everyone, it’s Codi Galloway. I’m here to give you my update from the Capitol this week. I have great news to share. The House passed HJR1. Essentially, what that does is, it allows the legislature to call itself back into session. I think that will make a lot of people happy. When extreme things happen, instead of having one executive at the top making all the decisions, you will have 105 elected representatives there at the table helping make good decisions for the state of Idaho. This is a great step in the right direction.

The interesting thing about listening to the debate on the House floor that I really appreciated was that everyone there agreed something needed to happen, that we needed to have a way to bring the legislature back into session.

The disagreement was really just about the particulars of the bill. Some people wanted 50 plus 1, some people wanted 66 and two-thirds, some people wanted less language about side rails, some people wanted more language about side rails; but in the end, your legislature came together and had a bill that a lot of people agreed on. Not everyone got everything that they wanted, but we came out with a compromise.

I think that’s what the people in Idaho need to know is that your legislature, your elected officials are working together. We’re compromising and we’re doing the best we can to make sure you’re represented here at the Capitol.

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