Gathering the Troops

Codi Galloway 2020

How to Get Involved with Codi's Campaign

Volunteer with Codi 4 Idaho and Keep Idaho Conservative!  If you see an opportunity you’d like to sign up for or learn more about, email

Have 1 hour to volunteer now or next month?

  • Call and verify an accurate phone number and email from our list of voters. The script and numbers are prepared for you.
  • Call and help those struggling through the vote from home process. Help guide them through requesting a ballot.
  • Build a list of all the clubs and organizations who might be interested in having Codi as a guest speaker at a meeting. No scheduling required, just build the list of book clubs, moms groups, associations etc.
  • Call 5 of the senior living communities in district 15 to see if they would like to have a 30 minute online presentation by Codi. 
  • Jump on Facebook or Instagram and search like-minded pages for their best followers so I can reach out invite them to like my page and join the campaign.
  • Put a sign in your yard. 

Have  2-3 hours to volunteer over the next 3 months

  • Do an online bill search on to build voting history, instructions provided. 
  • Do an online sunshine report search on for like-minded conservatives, instructions provided.
  • Go through an Excel spreadsheet of 900 voters in your neighborhood, make an introduction to Codi through a prepared email template.
  • Hand address 100 envelopes
  • Do some detective work on Facebook to locate people I’d like to make friends with. I have the list, I just need someone else to find them.
  • Knock doors in your neighborhood and pass out literature (pending the stay safe order)
  • Drop literature on doorsteps, no talking involved.
  • Join the sign installation team in October.
  • Call donors to follow up on contribution requests. 
  • Host an online meet and greet.


Want to get involved as a leader?

  • Be a neighborhood block captain; help organize those in your neighborhood for flyer distribution etc. 
  • Work on my messaging committee, to help review and give feedback on flyers, presentations etc.
  • Manage a calling tree by making and following up on assignments.
  • Plan sign distribution.
Tell me how you’d like to get involved by emailing