First Time Involved in Politics?

Codi Galloway Centennial

Centennial High School, 1992-1993 Freshman Student Council.
That’s me in the bottom left-hand corner.

Question of the Week

In a recent online meet and greet I had a question about whether I had ever been involved in politics before.

Yes!  I ran in 6th grade for student council.  I created a really cool Bart Simpson-themed campaign, but lost.   I did win my next election and was chosen to be the Freshman class treasurer at Centennial High School.   So technically yes I have been involved in politics before.

I am brand new to state politics, but super excited to serve.  Public service must be in my blood: I have a Grandpa who served as the Ada County Sheriff when I was in kindergarten and an uncle who is currently serving in the Idaho House of Representatives.