The other day I was out knocking doors and someone said, “Codi, why in the world are you doing this?”

I said, “Well, I’m knocking doors because I want to earn voters and I want to make sure I meet everyone that’s going to go to the polls on November 3rd.”

They said, “No, why are you doing politics? Why would you run at such a difficult time?”

I thought it was a good question so I thought I’d share with you my answer and my answer is I’m running for my kids, I’m running for my family, I’m running for these little bodies. Because I grew up in an Idaho that was conservative and that where I had hope and I knew I could live the American dream and that I could make enough money to support my family and that I could recreate, live, work and play in a great state of Idaho.

Well, things are shifting here in Boise and the conservative Boise that we knew of my childhood doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, in Boise, 14 of the 15 legislative seats are held by democrats and that’s not the kind of future that I want for my kids.

I want them to believe that America is a great place to live and that they can come back to Boise and they can raise their families here and they can earn a good wage, and they can pay their fair share of taxes and they can have fun, and they can have a successful life.

I’m running for the Idaho house of representatives because I want my kids to have a bright future here in Idaho.