Codi's Top 3 Priorites

Codi shares her top 3 priorities with voters in Boise

My name is Codi Galloway I am a wife, mother, former public school teacher and business owner who wants to keep Idaho conservative.

Here are three things I will work hard on:

First, Property tax is out of control. I will work hard to find a solution that protects homeowners and ensures growth pays for itself. I believe in low taxes.

Next, I want Boise to have a strong economy and great jobs. We need to protect our business friendly environment. I am a business owner and I will work to ensure government serves the people by letting the invisible hand do the heavy lifting.

Finally, as a former public school teacher I recognize the tremendous impact a quality education has on our entire community.  Education is one of Idaho’s greatest opportunities and I will get to work making sure we seize it.

 I love Idaho and I am stepping forward to keep Idaho Conservative!