Codi Galloway – (R) Candidate for Idaho District 15B

A Boise woman is putting her 20 years of business experience to good use in her campaign bid for a seat in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Codi Galloway has created and sold three businesses in Boise and Meridian the past 15 years.  “I’ve built three profitable businesses to help make ends meet for my family” says Galloway.  “During my years as a business owner I’ve learned how to create a business plan, develop a budget, market products and services, use a CRM to organize data, train and motivate staff, and much more.  These skills have been essential as I started a grassroots campaign.”

Galloway has assembled a “dream team” of talent to volunteer on her campaign leadership team.  Her leadership team includes four small business owners as well as a data scientist, a marketing professional, and a CPA.  “Each leader has different responsibilities,” says Galloway.  “I have a director of Campaign Strategy, Print Marketing, Digital Marketing, Door to Door Outreach, Research, and Events”.

 “When I heard about her bid to run a grassroots campaign to take back District 15 from the Democrats, I had to get involved”, says Brodie Tyler. Brodie owns a digital marketing firm and has known Codi for over a decade.  “It’s the first time I have ever volunteered for a campaign and it has been fun to put my marketing talents to use for a good cause”.

Codi is using the popular small business management system called TRACTION by Gino Wickman.  Tens of thousands of small businesses use traction to organize their leadership team and help the organization “gain traction” in achieving their goals.

“We meet weekly and each member of my leadership team has campaign goals.  Our campaign has an official data dashboard, which tracks progress on all our individual and collective goals.  We spend time helping one another solve problems and come up with new ideas.”  Not only do we get a lot done, but it is honestly a lot of fun”, says Galloway.

Codi is running for House of Representatives, District 15B.